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Our remote patient monitoring technology meets all the requirements for CPT Codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458 reimbursement

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Recently CMS made drastic changes to remote monitoring. Many clinicians who have started RPM programs recently may no longer be able to bill due to these changes.

Let SynsorMed guide you with our cellular-connected devices, easy to use solution and services to meet all of the current guidelines for RPM. Our devices monitor the following conditions:

The New Workflow for RPM in 2021

With our decade of RPM experience SynsorMed can

Provide devices and gather patient consent remotely

COVID-19 has changed the rules on how you interact with your patients.
We have increased patient recruitment for our practices by 80%

Bring clinical staff in to augment existing staff

"interactive communication" involves a two-way interaction.
SynsorMed's care team has experience in getting over 75% patient compliance.

Guarantee reimbursement with billing consulting

Practices only receive about 40% of their allowable reimbursement.
our RPM Billing Experts are available to guide you and your billiing team on how best to maximize your reimbursement.

24 hrs

We can get you up and running within 24 hours. Our team will help you every step of the way in record time.

We teach you

We’ll teach you how to bill for telehealth services. We have the medical codes and reimbursements ready for you to use.


93% of patients will use the SynsorMed app, and 85% of patients would recommend it to a friend.

Save money

69% of healthcare providers named remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology as their top cost-saver


Setting up is Easy

We understand that you may be running on limited resources, so we made integrating our HIPPA-compliant remote healthcare monitoring solution into your system as easy as possible.

Now is the time to begin the path to better patient connections.
Download our free remote monitoring guide
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